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The case of the young lovers

by Keith Miller

In a little known part of a small, forgotten country I have been told of a case so extraordinary that historians and theologians, among others, still argue about the fine points and deeper meaning of the case. According to the rough details of the incident, a young couple, too young to be able to have achieved anything similar, seemed to have passed all boundaries of love. Their love was so profound that not only was parting sweet sorrow but, and this is what is truly shocking, they had also gone beyond all limits of physical pleasures. According to some historians, it seems they had in someway by passed all need for initial introduction and had instantaneously understood the mysteries of the Kama Sutra. Others deny this and say that their understanding was corrupt and was proof of Original Sin and a sure sign of the Apocolypse. Certain theologians are offended by both interpretations and vehemently deny that this has any relationship to divinity of any kind. Such theologians, with corroborating evidence by a physicist working on chaos theory and chemical reactions, affirm that the interaction of the two created a quasi chemical reaction akin to an explosion, a sort of amorous hydrogen bomb, or big bang. In the end it seems the question will be left to open debate. All knowledge of the young pair is based only on their intertwined corpses which were found, according to police records and most of the historians who investigated the site, after a whirlwind of passion which lasted as long as three and a half days, after which both were unwilling to separate from the other. The desperatly longed for glass of water was never had and they expired a short three days later.