These are the good times


These Are the Good Times: Decadence, excess and decline
Gallatin Galleries
November 15-30, 2012

These are the good times. Or maybe best to call it the tomorrow that never comes. The promise is there, ever glowing, just out of reach. On the flip side of the forward moving road of progress is the decadence that comes in the wake of excess or decline. These are the good times looks at decadence and decadences as they exist in a variety of spaces and manners.

But what is decadence? For the purposes of this show we will call decadent that which acts in accord with an original function but has since lost its purpose. A wedding cake that is all cream and no cake. But also, an excess where the original intent is pushed so far that it is no longer rationale or goes so far as to undo the meaning of that first intention.


America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.
Oscar Wilde


Melanie Baker

Erin Grant

Iona Rozeal Brown

Gillian Sagansky

Charlotta Westergren